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Why does my 4K Stall

There are many reasons why your engine may stall. Here are some of them (work in progress)

  • Reason #1 : Fuel Solenoid Wire Disconnected

rjenman posted this on the forums with these pictures

Ok so your 4K-C cuts out at idle and you are about to mess around with the carb. First make sure this is plugged in:


Oh wtf a loose plug.


Oh there we go. Car now idles perfectly. Hope this saves someone some trouble

- Testing if your solenoid is working - Even if you have power running to it, your fuel solenoid may not be working. Medicine_Man has a suggestion for how to test this :

Simple way to know if its working, turn your ignition on and touch it together so it completes the circuit, you should hear a clicking sound, then you know its all good

- Felix notes :

i've had hassles with these stupid things before.

on some ke10 and ke20 carbs there is a blanking bolt. you just put it in your later carb allowing you to do away with the solenoid.

if you remove the solenoid: in hot weather, or if you have overadvanced timing, or a lean could experience runon or dieselling when you turn your car off.

- Super Jamie notes :

i always grind the end off my carb solenoids for this exact reason

if you pick up an M8 Fine bolt (found everywhere on nissans), you can make your own blanking plug, just be sure to use the original copper washer gasket

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Article by rjenman / Grimwolge / Medicine_Man / Felix / Superjamie

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